Ircam Spat~ Hands-on Workshop @ EXPO'74

  • Symposium

Thibaut Carpentier will give a presentation and run a hands-on workshop on Spat~ during EXPO'74, a three days event organised by Cycling'74 to comemorate the 30 years of Max.  The origin and evolution of Spat~ are closely related to Max/MSP history. This workshop will give the opportunity to illustrate the richness and potential of the Spat~ library which modular and rationalized architecture could take advantage of Max/MSP framework. With over 250 external objects and many patches, the software suite contains a comprehensive set of panning modules (VBAP, HOA, WFS, binaural, etc.), reverberation processors (delay-network or 3D-convolution), graphical user interfaces, and multichannel audio FX and utilities. Spat objects are highly configurable and most of them support up to 8192 input/output channels.

EXPO'74 will be held from 26 to 28 april 2019 at MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art)




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