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Improtech 2023 will take place in Uzeste from 10 to 13 August.

After successful editions in New York, Philadelphia and Athens, Improtech @ Uzeste! (ikUzeste'23) will be held from 10 to 13 August 2023 in Uzeste, the beautiful Occitan village where the mythical Hestajada de les arts, the music festival founded by Bernard Lubat, takes place. In addition, it will be the tenth anniversary of the creation of Improtech, in NYC in 2012 (this anniversary should have been celebrated last year, but it was cancelled because the workshop did not take place this year and was postponed to 2023).

More information on: IMPROTECH 2023

A New alliance

Improtech is dedicated to the explosive alliance between the age-old art of improvisation and the emerging cultures of digital intelligence. It fosters the co-creative dynamics that can exist between humans and machines, and in so doing, creates new meeting grounds between people, artists and audiences of all backgrounds and levels.

Exploring the relationships between music and science, composition and improvisation, writing and performance, music and other performance arts in "cyber-human" settings, Improtech has established itself as one of the major events of contemporary research and creation.

Improtech is both a musical festival and an interdisciplinary workshop bringing together actors of research and creation from all over the world fostering musical improvisation in interaction with digital intelligences, in an assumed approach of human-machine co-creativity.

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