Legal aspects of generative AIs

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The STMS laboratory invited Jeannette Gorzala, a lawyer specializing in AI law, on Thursday March 14 at Ircam, to speak about "The legal aspects of generative AIs". You can now watch it on

Find out more about our guest and her presentation below.

Jeannette Gorzala is a founding partner of the law firm go_legal attorneys at law, specializing on business and AI law. She regularly advises clients on defining AI strategies, designing AI business models, implementing AI systems and preparing for the AI Act. In her role as Vice President of the European AI Forum, Jeannette represents more than 2,000 AI entrepreneurs in Europe in setting the EU AI roadmap in terms of both, policy and business. She was actively involved as an AI industry representative in the legislative process on the AI Act and further digital regulations impacting the European tech ecosystem.

Decoding the AI Act: Addressing solved and unresolved Questions for the Creative Industry
The AI Act is in the final phases of its legislative procedure, expected to be adopted between April and June 2024. Compared to the regulatory approaches in the US, the UK and China, the EU AI Act is the world's first comprehensive legal AI governance framework, also covering general purpose AI models (GPAIM). Being built on large data sets and enabling the generation of artificial texts, videos, images and more, in particular GPAIM are having a significant impact on the creative and media sector. How to the provisions of the AI Act address GPAIM, chances and challenges for the creative industry?

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