A workshop on Bernard Lubat, Pierre Boulez's music, and their mutual interactions

  • Symposium

Organized by Marc Chemillier (CAMS-EHESS) and Gérard Assayag (STMS-IRCAM) with the support of IRIS Création, Cognition, Société (PSL)

For fifteen years, multi-instrumentalist jazzman Bernard Lubat has been collaborating with Marc Chemillier and Gérard Assayag on computer systems that promote improvized human-machine co-creativity. As a prelude to the release of a CD, the "Autour de Bernard Lubat" day will showcase the interactions between the musician and the software in a meeting combining performances, conferences and discussions. Lubat will give his point of view during an "investigation" into his conceptions of music and the world.

Surrounded by specialists in computer music and complexity sciences, he will discuss the place of technology in society at a time when democracies are confronted with algorithms for manipulating public opinion. He will also talk about his relationship with composer Pierre Boulez, some of whose works will be performed on this occasion. The day will end with a completely new experimental creation. Bernard Lubat will improvise in partnership with a "virtual Pierre Boulez" generated with the help of creative software.

Free admission with registration.

Please see the complete program of presentations and musical performances by following the link below.


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