Celebrating 30 years and the Ircam Forum Workshops

Ircam Forum Workshops

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The IRCAM Forum, which today brings together over 50,000 users worldwide, celebrates its 30th anniversary from March 19 to 22, 2024 at Ircam, in the heart of Paris. The event will feature presentations, demonstrations, concerts and installations based on Ircam technologies. This event brings together artists, researchers, sound engineers and designers from all over the world!

During this Forum, we'll be looking in depth at spatialization, generative music, computer-assisted composition, perception and synthesis analysis,...

Presentations will include a new version of OpenMusic, Partiels and the new immersive audio system.

And also :

  • Session Brain
  • Rave Party Demo
  • Workshop ASAP
  • Workshop Dafne+
  • Installations, listening sessions, lectures, demo and student poster
  • Convivial moments and networking lunch offered

and a special meeting with Miller Puckette and David Zicarelli authors of Pure Data and Max!

Informations and registrations:


Les 30 ans du Forum de l'Ircam

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