Francisco Iovino's Death

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Our friend Francisco Iovino died before his time.
After studying with Camilo Rueda, another historical collaborator, in Colombia, Francisco had belonged to our institute for a decade in the 1990s, and distinguished himself as an important contributor to the projects of the time, Modalys, Singing, Gestural Interfaces, among others. Collaborator of the department of musical research and assistant to the pedagogy, he had published several outstanding scientific articles with the other researchers of the laboratory. As such, he is part of our little ircamian pantheon, the historical collaborators of the institute who are no longer with us, but to whom we reserve a special place in our collective memory.
As a composer, he left after Ircam to study at Columbia with Fred Lerdahl and Tristan Murail, and produced works using CAD in a very advanced way.  Then he had an amazing New York career in the music industry, making several hits with international impact as far as Asia. Very gifted, speaking 7 languages, he was an adorable boy, whose good face I can still see on the bridge of Ircam, a prominent member of our Colombian community at Ircam, who has counted other such outstanding figures.
For all those who knew him, worked with him and appreciated his humanity, a thought this day.

Gérard Assayag

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