Concert of music based on stolen rhythms and public lecture on musical structures, performances and cardiac arrhythmias

Elaine Chew (STMS-CNRS) presented Heart & Music: Stolen Rhythms at the MIT Killian Hall at 3pm on 17 November 2019. The concert featured music made from stolen rhythms—Cheryl Frances-Hoad’s Stolen Rhythm and Chew/Child/Grønli’s Practicing Haydnbookended by the original Haydn Sonata movement and Jonathan Berger’s Intermezzo. The concert also included music by MorpheuS (Dorien Herreman’s Artificial Intelligence system) pieces based on music by Bach and Kabalevsky, and Chew et al.’s Arrhythmia Suite based on rhythms from ECG recordings of ventricular tachycardia from the catheterization laboratory. As part of this concert event, Pier Lambiase, UCL Professor of Cardiology and Director of Electrophysiology Research at the Barts Heart Centre (BHC), gave an introduction to arrhythmia and research at the BHC before the Arrhythmia Suite.

She also gave a public lecture titled Musical Structures, Performances, Arrhythmias, at MIT at 5:30pm on 21 November 2019, describing scientific studies on representing performed music, similarities between music and heart rhythms, and music-heart-brain interactions.  These presentations are part of the ERC project COSMOS.

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