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Le 11 mai 2021, le webinar gratuit  " The Why and How of Character Design" avec Melinda Ozel, Joan DaSiva et Nicolas Obin a lieu en ligne et sur inscription.

Le webinar sera en anglais :

*May 11th, 2021

*4:00PM - 5:00PM

The Why and How of Character Design

Join us on Tuesday,*May 11th*for another webinar in the HEART webinar series:

“The Why and How of Character Design”.

*Character design*is the ability to infuse a personality, an inner life to an object, thanks to several elements like appearance, emotion, backstory, sound, and attitude.

In a time where a lot of diverse robots and AI are evolving among us, what is the impact of building a character into those machines? When is it relevant to consider character development and what can we achieve with it? Fiction is full of diverse robot characters, from warm empathetic robots like Baymax to jaded cynical ones as Marvin. How do you choose the right personality for your product? What are the main steps to turn the envisioned character concept into a reality?

Thanks to a diverse panel of speakers we will go deeper into the Why and How of character design, hearing the point of view of voice, design and animation experts.Register now! <https://softbankrobotics.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4a6504d16b9082982dc268174&id=ceea2db434&e=5d02ce7e70>

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