Compositional sketches : genetic issues, cognitive issues

Compositional sketches : genetic issues, cognitive issues

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Les mercredis de STMS on 26 June 2024 welcome José Luis Besada, researcher at the Complutense University in Madrid. He is a guest member of the ‘Musical Representations’ team at the STMS laboratory (Ircam - CNRS - Sorbonne Université - Ministère de la Culture) from May to July 2024. He will be presenting his latest work: the  projects 3C-Tempo project and RepXen.

If you are unable to attend in person, we have provided a zoom link:
Meeting ID: 858 1740 0445-Secret code: 736974


Although compositional sketches are heterogeneous sources and a reconstruction of the creative process with them becomes utopian, they shed light on many genetic and cognitive aspects of the compositional act. In this regard, I present my two currently ongoing projects on this topic. On the one hand, the 3C-TEMPO project, funded by the Fundación BBVA in Spain, is aimed at better understanding the conceptualization of time during compositional practices. On the other hand, the RepXen project, funded by a “José Castillejo” scholarship from the Ministry of Universities in Spain (covering my current stay within the RepMus team at IRCAM) is focused on the mathematical aspects of the Xenakis’s sketches.


José-Luis Besada studied composition at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid and mathematics at Madrid's Complutense University. He holds a doctorate in musicology, which he completed at the same university in conjunction with Paris VIII. He carried out his first postdoctoral research at the Institut de recherche et coordination acoustique/musique (IRCAM), then at the University of Strasbourg. He is currently a researcher at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In 2024, Ircam invited him from May to July to join Representations musicales.His main research interests focus on the formal, cognitive and technological challenges of contemporary musical practices and music theory.

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