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Emmanuelle ROUHAUD, Professor at the Technology University of Troyes, on CNRS delagation within the S3AM team, at Ircam STMS (Ircam-CNRS- Sorbonne Université - Ministère de la Culture) presented

 "Advantages of a space-time formalism and of the Lie derivative to formulate constitutive models"

at Ircam, Stravinsky'room, on Wednesday the 29th of September at 12 AM.

This discussion is available at this link:

The space-time description of physics and its mathematical tools are generally associated with the theory of Relativity for application in astrophysics. However, it is useful for describing more "everyday" phenomena, for example, in continuum mechanics.
A four-dimensional model of the behaviour of solids is thus proposed. Examples and illustrations are used to highlight the advantages of this approach.

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