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Alireza FARHANG, composer, will present his work after his residency in the ISMM team at the STMS Lab (Ircam-CNRS-Sorbonne Université-Ministère de la Culture).
From Modelling to Notation:
The concept of Hybrid Score in Transdisciplinary Works
You can asssist to this conference through the Ircam YouTube Channel:
This conference is about formalising a technique tailored for score creation and developing a hybrid score in the context of music-based transdisciplinary works. Drawing upon in-depth theoretical research, it examines of the process of composition itself, focusing on semiological issues in both graphical and electronic scores. It seeks to provide abstract information which allows any artist from any other discipline to develop his/her own interpretation.
In this conference after presenting preliminary works investigating the use of machine learning for computer-aided-composition (CAC) fin the field of gesture recognition, I will explain how I have been led to create a hybrid score to facilitate the process of a production of one of my recent transdisciplinary works.
This investigation started in 2018 when I started to compose a new musical theatre for trio, one actor and electronics, using motion sensors. It was during my artistic research residency at IRCAM that I had the opportunity to develop this project.
The hybrid score has been elaborated for the new version of Chuchotements burlesques that will be premiered on January 17, 2022 in Anvers, then February 24, 2022 in Nice.
Key words : Notation, Modelling, Gesture Gollowing, Hybrid score

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