Christof Ressi - AOO (audio over OSC)

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In this STMS Wednesdays session, Christof Ressi will present AOO (audio over OSC), a flexible and lightweight peer-to-peer audio streaming system that uses OSC over UDP as the underlying transport protocol.
AOO is implemented as a C++ library with a simple C interface and can be easily integrated into host applications or audio plugins. AOO is also available as a Pure Data library and soon as a SuperCollider library.

Christof Ressi is an Austrian composer, arranger, and audio-visual software designer. His musical activity crosses several genres - from contemporary music to experimental electronics and jazz - and has been distinguished by several international awards (Jazzwerk Sweden, Erste-Bank-Kompositionspreis Austria, Downbeat Music awards, etc.). In the field of software, he has contributed to several open source developments such as PureData and SuperCollider. His work has been published in several conferences in the field such as NIME, ICMC and the Linux Audio Conference.

The seminar will take place at Ircam but you can follow it live on

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