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This seminar will be at 4PM due to our guest: Nate RAW from HUGGING FACE. He will present:

ML for audio/music domains: a workshop for the community of digital artists

The transformers have caused a paradigm change within NLP and are impacting other domains as well. In this workshop, focused on potential use for artistic applications (audio/music domains), our team summarizes the importance of transformers and transfer learning and talks about open science efforts and tools to enable people to work collaboratively in their Machine Learning projects. A particular attention will be made on building demos for text, audio and image generation models with potential application to artistic applications.

You can see this seminar through the MEDIA Ircam web site:

What is Hugging Face?

 Hugging Face is the most used artificial intelligence platform, empowering 10,000 companies to integrate artificial intelligence into their products or workflows


What is required to follow the workshop

Basic knowledge of Python

Conceptual knowledge of ML

A gmail account (so you can access Google Colab)

A Hugging Face Hub account


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