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Nicolas NOVA has been invited by the ISMM team to present: ENQUETE/CREATION during our Wednesday seminar, in the Stravinsky room on 10 November at 2.30 pm.

His presentation can be followed on Ircam's YouTube channel: here

Investigating, in the social sciences or outside, is an activity in constant evolution. In contact with other disciplines such as design and other artistic practices, and due to the advent of new digital technologies, sociologists, anthropologists and geographers are constantly innovating in their approaches. As a consequence, there is a plurality of postures, ways of constructing our objects of study, of carrying out surveys, or of proposing different forms of restitution. This presentation will discuss the new modalities of investigation that have emerged in the last twenty years, in particular in contact with the design and digital worlds.

Nicolas Nova is Associate Professor at the Haute-Ecole d'Art et de Design (HEAD - Geneva) where he teaches the anthropology of digital cultures, ethnography and design research. He is also co-founder of the Near Future Laboratory, a prospective agency involved in design fiction projects. His latest books are "Dr. Smartphone: an Ethnography of Mobile Repair Shops" (IDP, Lausanne) and "A Bestiary of the Anthropocene" produced with the Disnovation collective and published by Onomatopee (Eindhoven).

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