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Pablo ARIAS presents his work on:

"Studying social interactions using real-time voice and face transformations"

Wednesday, July the 7th, from12 AM up to 1 PM at the Ircam Salle Stravinsky, or you can follow online with the Ircam YouTube Channel:


For more than 6 years now, we have been studying human cognitive processes with a multidisciplinary approach in the Perception and Sound Design team. In this approach, we are developing digital tools for voice and face transformation in order to highlight characteristic reactions (e.g., behavioral, physiological) in response to an emotional stimulus (e.g., a shout, an intonation, a smile). During this seminar, I would like to present the evolution of these new methodologies and experimental paradigms.

To do so, I will first present my work on the perception of auditory smiles. I will discuss how we have identified and modeled the acoustic signature of smiles, in order to study the physiological mechanisms involved in their cognitive processing. In a second step, I will present the applications of this research in the study of social interactions. More specifically, I will present a new study where we manipulate participants' smiles in real time during a speed dating task, highlighting how emotional expressions can influence social dynamics and interpersonal attraction.

I will show how our paradigms and technologies can be shared with the scientific community, in order to advance both basic research and its applications in various scientific and technological fields, ranging from medical research to industry.

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