Mercredi de STMS - Pierre Saint-Germier

Philosophie du son à l'ère de sa reproductibilité numérique

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This Mercredi de STMS dedicated to Pierre Saint-Germier will help us to get acquainted with the main lines of his study, of which he already reveals some notions:

"The digital condition that results from the development of information technology and artificial intelligence calls into question the nature of the environment in which we evolve, the nature of our agentivity, the nature of our identity, the nature of the society we form with other agents in the digital world. These different dimensions of the digital condition are approached from the perspective of the modality of music and sound. This leads to the following explorations: the nature of digital sounds, the creativity of musical algorithms, the biometrics of voice identification, or the aesthetic bubbles caused by the recommendation algorithms of platforms. For this, conceptual analysis and experimental methods are combined.


Pierre Saint-Germier is a doctor of philosophy from the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and since October 2022, a research fellow at the CNRS, assigned to the Analyse des Pratiques Musicales team at Ircam (UMR9912 STMS). His varied research work has touched on the philosophy of music, the cognitive sciences of music, the philosophy of science and formal logic. His recent choice to focus on the philosophy of music and sound technologies allows him to bring together his aesthetic and theoretical interests in a unified research program.


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