IMPROVISIO : Towards a visual music improvisation tool

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Les MERCREDIS DE STMS on April 3, 2024 welcomed Sabina COVARRUBIAS, a postdoctoral researcher in the Music Representations team at the STMS laboratory (Ircam - CNRS - Sorbonne University - French Ministry of Culture), who took this opportunity to present her current research project: "IMPROVISIO - Towards a visual music improvisation tool for musicians in cyber-human co-creation context".

The presentation, in French is available on


Improvisio is a software for musicians who want to improvise visual music. Its development is part of the REACH project. It is useful to create visual improvisations in the frame of: audiovisual concerts, multidisciplinary projects, collaborations with visual artists or interactive audiovisual art installations. Improvisio interfaces with Somax2 and Djazz. In the context of musician-machine performances, the main functions of the program are: 1. to provide a visual representation of the musical elements in play in real time; 2. to enable improvised musico-graphic interactions between AI agents and musicians; 3. to make the operating processes of the artificial intelligence algorithm intelligible through the real-time visualization of musical and sound data. This article describes the first phases of development of the program. We want to show how the objectives of the REACH project, the results of the previous research, and the technical and aesthetic needs arising from the use of the first prototype in the framework of an art research project, lead to the proposal of an architecture and the implementation of the functions that are part of the program.


Sabina Covarrubias, PhD is a composer, multimedia artist, and a researcher in the field of computer music. She is also a postdoctoral researcher and creative-programmer at Ircam as part of the Music Representations team.

Her works encompass a wide array of genres, such as visual music, electroacoustic music, "musique mixte", experimental electronic music, symphonic. Sabina Covarrubias performs live visual music using analog and modular synthesizers, voice processors, and real-time generative video engines. She creates the software which she uses to perform. Her works of visual music and performances of live visuals have been shown in highly renowned concert halls and festivals such as: Vision'R festival in Paris, France, Sonica Festival in Scotland UK, Tate Modern Museum in London UK, Saturnalia Festival in Milano, Italy, Keroxen Festival in Tenerife, Mercat de Musica Viva in Barcelona, Improtech in Uzeste, France, Performing Media festival at Indiana University, USA, Festival de l'Imaginaire in Paris, France; among others.

Sabina Covarrubias

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