Music and the Heart: From Mathematics to the Mind

Exploratory Seminar on the connections between music and the heart

  • Symposium

Organized by Elaine Chew, PI of ERC Project COSMOS at the CNRS – UMR9912/STMS (IRCAM), and Pier Lambiase, Professor of Cardiology at UCL/Barts Heart Centre, this seminar at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study | Harvard explores the connections between music and the heart. The seminar themes include heart-brain, music-brain, and music-heart-brain interactions, and commonalities in rhythm representation in music and heart signals.

The seminar brings together a unique combination of musicians/composers/artists, psychologists/neuroscientists, computer scientists, and medics/physiologist/cardiologist for arts-science, academic-clinical cross-disciplinary exchange to improve the understanding of music and the heart.

Further information about the seminar (participants, photos, schedule, resources) can be found the MusicHeart companion website. This seminar is connected to the COSMOS ERC project.

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