Invited seminar: Thomas Hélie, Outils scientifiques et technologiques pour les systèmes et signaux sonores

In this seminar, I will present a few scientific and technological tools we develop to model physical systems and process the resulting sound signals.

The introduction gives a brief scan of the S3 team activities, physical modeling, nonlinear systems, robotics and analysis / sound synthesis. A more thorough presentation on Port Hamiltonian Systems (HamecMopSys project), the development of a class of non-linear damping and guaranteed passive simulation will be given and illustrated in the case of bars sound synthesis. We will provide sound examples for materials whose properties mutate (wood to metal, for example) with the signal amplitude (metallophone to marimba, for example), producing “physically sensible sound morphing” effect.

Finally, I will conclude with a presentation of a frequency analysis tool of the sound signal and visualization: the SnailAnalyser-Tuner (The Snail).

This tool provides an intuitive representation of sounds with chromatic alignment of the spectral components. Samples and demonstrations will be given during the presentation.

Download the presentation

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