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Seminar  Modelling oral musical knowledge

Wednesday January 10, 2024: Gérard Assayag, Ircam
10am-noon - Salle Stravinsky, Ircam

Sex Machine!

A project on creative interactions with machines like REACH is founded, upstream of its technicalities, on a resolute philosophical position. This assures that creativity in this hybrid context is, rather than an attribute (of the human?), an effect of interaction, an emergent phenomenon nourished by the cross-feedbacks and learning loops at play. We prefer to speak of co-creativity.
This is a philosophical position, because it aims first and foremost to overcome the aporia inherent in discourses on "artificial creativity", when productions that have all the aspects of creative intelligence open onto the hollowness of the absent subject.
While the operational consequences of this rupture are obvious, and have proved their worth in the arts, they do not exempt us from a theoretical reflection made more urgent by the major questioning that artificial intelligence provokes in the field of ideas.
Who speaks? who thinks? who creates? who desires? who what?
As we all know, the question of the subject in its relation to desire is making a catastrophic comeback. In other words, the central logical and metaphysical adventure of our intellectual history is taking a new turn, turned upside down by the irruption of generative AI. In any case, we need to equip ourselves with the means to think of AI not just as an overflow or an enigma, but as an extension of the anthropological and aesthetic framework, as a relationship.

The way I like it is, is the way it is
James Brown, Sex Machine

Gérard Assayag is Director of Research at Ircam and PI of the ERC REACH project --Raising Cocreativity in CyberHuman Musicianship

Zoom link: (meeting ID: 864 5114 0253 / Code: 661962)


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