SEMINAR STMS - Aki ITO and Jean-Philippe LAMBERT - Final presentation of artistic research residency


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Two artists will welcome us on Monday December 12 in studio 5 and in the Ircam gallery. They will present Astérimes, a work they have realized at Ircam.

Hosted in 2021 and 2022 in an artistic research residency within the Ircam's Sound Music Movement Interaction team, the composer Aki Ito and the researcher Jean-Philippe Lambert have succeeded in their challenge: on the basis of web tools and using local networks, to make different sound objects with various interfaces interact in the same place.

In developing Astérismes, they have imagined a form of participatory concert, without a front stage, which evolves from active listening by the audience placed at the center of the experience. The device is based on a distributed sound diffusion in the space with a large number of loudspeakers (Raspberry Pi based system, participants' phones or others).

In the first part of their presentation, Aki Ito and Jean-Philippe Lambert will review the main themes of their research:

  • Social link
  • Latency & Synchronization
  • Localization
  • Distributed system
  • Gestural interactions
  • Performers and speakers

In the second part, they will propose to the public, equipped with smartphones, to follow them for a mini-concert in the Ircam gallery. The participants will be mobile or not, as they wish. They will be invited to develop their listening experience in the space.



Aki Ito is a Japanese composer. Her thinking about time is influenced by orbital resonance. By uniting it with slowness, which is her fundamental aesthetic, her music develops in different forms. In accordance with her interest in astronomical phenomena, she participated to the Astérismes project to explore flexible sound space and a type of participatory concert combining social and compositional aspects. She also leads the Parrakas Madonna project (The Bearded Madonna) for voice, cello, electronics and puppets, inspired by the Bunraku form. She is co-founder of Libratio.
After her studies at the CNSMDP, she carried out her creative projects and research on perception during residencies supported by the Casa de Velázquez, the Institut français, and the Kone Foundation. Her works have been premiered and performed by the musicians of the Ensemble Intercontemporain, defunensemble, Smash ensemble, Tuuli Lindeberg, Élodie Soulard. She has also worked on interdisciplinary projects with Richard Siegal, Frédéric Bevilacqua, and Eira Stenberg.

Jean-Philippe Lambert: After scientific and musical studies, accompanied by training in the techniques of the performing arts, he completed his end-of-study project at IRCAM in the late 1990’s. Since then, he has regularly collaborated in projects with this Institute as a researcher. His interests are multiple, favoring various collaborations and crystallize in his work on multimodal interactions: sound, music, gesture, image and light. He creates lights, music, interactions, instruments, software and videos for performances, concerts, films and installations. He has collaborated notably with Pulx - Elsa Decaudin, The Bakery / Ballet of Difference - Richard Siegal, Aki Ito, le collectif des Esprits Solubles, Bastien Defives, Michel Véricel, Premier Acte - Sarkis Tcheumlekdjian, Roland Cahen, Sunday Machine, and La démission particulière. His installations have been presented in different places (Stift Admont, Baikado, Centre Pompidou, Musée du Quai Branly, Scopitone, la Villette, ZKM). He has participated in many international artistic events as creator, technical director or performer (Avignon, Berlin, Jerusalem, Kiev, Hamburg, Liège, Lyon, Marseille, Montreal, Munich, Ruhr, Paris, Vilnius, Yamaguchi).

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