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Benjamin MATUSZEWSKI will have his doctoral thesis defence called:

Distributed music systems and web technologies - Motivation, design and implementation of an experimental system

Under the direction of Anne Sèdes, thesis for the degree of Doctor in Aesthetics, Sciences and Technologies of Arts, speciality music, from the University Paris 8

Publicly supported on November 30, 2020 at 2pm, at the University Paris 8, before a jury composed of :

Anne Sèdes (research director)
Annie Gentès (rapporteur)
Peter Sinclair (rapporteur)
Frédéric Bevilacqua (examiner)
Myriam Desainte-Catherine (examiner)
Jean-Luc Hervé (examiner)
Norbert Schnell (examiner)


Recent developments of the WebAudio API coupled with the rise of mobile and embedded platforms allow us today to consider the Web platform as an interesting development for distributed music systems. Relying on the notion of experimental system - at the same time object and process, object of study and reflexive, fabricated and manually invoiced object, but also common ground for multiple research without epistemological and disciplinary a priori -, we have thus developed a set of tools - theoretical, software and hardware.

In this context, our work has focused on defining, designing and implementing a set of dedicated tools, allowing artists, designers and researchers to more easily appropriate this type of system within the framework of their own practices. More precisely, we proposed a tangible and embedded sound module, and various software developments (in particular version 3 of the soundworks framework), realized both to simplify the prototyping and development of such systems, but also to open up new artistic and expressive possibilities.

These different developments were also elaborated and implemented in an artistic installation, [poly]. This work has thus laid the foundations of an experimental platform dedicated to hybrid, open and versatile distributed music systems, allowing to mix in a coherent development environment heterogeneous elements such as mobile devices and embedded platforms.

Keywords - music computing, distributed systems, experimental systems, web technologies, Web Audio API, system design.

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