Thesis Defence Karim Haddad

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Karim Haddad obtained  his Musical Thesis called:

The Temporal Unit. An approach for writing duration and its quantification

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In this thesis, we will study a new approach in the practice of musical time composition starting from a notational concept dedicated to the writing of duration, rhythm and musical form. This new concept that we call Time Unit  opens on several questions and issues structured around three key principles : the notation of Time Units,   their operability (the potentiality to yield new musical form) and quantization. After examining these different approaches on time, form, duration and quantization, we shall try to create a new grammar of musical time directed on its syntax and its representation. We shall build tools for rhythmical transformation and production of Time Units. Once this is achieved, we will study the same Time Units under their real time aspect raising the issue of ``compositional'' and its implications on the scope of musical form. After a thorough study on symbolic rhythm quantization of Time Units structures we will explore the path starting from the conception of a composition, through its state of sketch,  to its final state achieved by a ``correct'' quantization  preserving the integrity of its discourse. This will be illustrated with case study examples, from our personal works.

Thesis under the direction of:

M. Jean-Marc CHOUVEL – Professeur, Sorbonne Université
M. Carlos Augusto AGON – Professeur, Sorbonne Université

with the jury:

M. Moreno ANDREATTA – Directeur de Recherche, CNRS
M. Gérard ASSAYAG – Directeur de Recherche, IRCAM
Mme Isabelle BLOCH – Professeure, Télécom Paris
M. Julio ESTRADA – Directeur de Recherche, UNAM
Mme Anne SÈDES – Professeure, Université Paris VIII

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