Thesis defence : Paul LASCABETTES

Mathematical Models for the Discovery of Musical Patterns and Structures, and for Performances Analysis

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Paul Lascabettes, a doctoral student at Sorbonne University, completed his thesis entitled "Mathematical Models for the Discovery of Musical Patterns and Structures, and for Performances Analysis" within the Musical Representations team of the STMS laboratory (Ircam - Sorbonne University - CNRS - French Ministry of Culture). He benefited from an EDITE doctoral contract. He was supervised by Isabelle Bloch and Elaine Chew.

He will defend his thesis before the following jury:

  • Mrs Isabelle BLOCH, Sorbonne University SIM (Sciences, Engineering, Medicine) - Thesis supervisor
  • Ms Elaine CHEW, King's College London - Thesis co-director
  • Mr Mathieu GIRAUD, Centre de Recherche en Informatique, Signal et Automatique de Lille, CNRS - Rapporteur
  • Mr David MEREDITH, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University - Rapporteur
  • Mr Moreno ANDREATTA, CNRS, IRMA - Examiner
  • Mr Gérard ASSAYAG, CNRS, STMS - Examiner
  • Mr Olivier LARTILLOT, RITMO, University of Oslo - Examiner
  • Mr. Hugues TALBOT, CentraleSupélec - Examiner

The presentation will be held in English at Ircam on November 24 at 14:00, but can also be watched live on


The aim of this thesis is to provide mathematical models for the understanding and analysis of symbolic representations of music. In particular, this thesis is divided into three parts: How are musical patterns discovered? How are these patterns organized with musical structure? And finally, how are these motifs played during musical performance?

Keywords : Musical patterns, musical structure, mathematical morphology


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