Somax2 version 2.5 is released !

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Somax2 is an application for co-improvisation and composition.

It is implemented in Max and is based on a generative model  to provide stylistically coherent improvisation, while in real-time listening to and adapting to musicians (or any other type of audio or MIDI source including other Somax agents).

Version 2.5 has seen a complete object redesign and modularisation so every object can be used in app style with full UI or in max library style with full programmability / messaging. The documentation has been updated for the entire package.

This includes:

  • A new, comprehensive user's guide
  • An interactive overview for centralized access to all help and tutorial
  • New maxhelps and reference pages for all objects
  • 2 step-by-step tutorials for Somax2 application users
  • 7 step-by-step tutorials for Max programmers
  • 3 performance strategies tuto for different ways of using Somax
  • 4 templates to quickly start using Somax apps
  • 4 video tutorials
  • 5 videos demos on advanced performance usage, along with an Advanced Tutorial "Improvise with the Masters" in 10 steps
  • Concerts videos and Studio Sessions with great Improvisers using Somax2

See more at the Somax2 Project page

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