Lisa LaPietra

Lisa La Pietra, (Italie, B. 1987) - Soprano and doctoral student in aesthetic philosophy, science and technology of art in the department of musicology of the "Paris 8, Vincennes - Saint Denis" University | co-team IRCAM.

She has a degree in architectural théâtre design in thé Academy of Fine Arts of Venice; Master Degree in Virtual and multimdial space Design art the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera - Milan. Master Degree in Literature and Philosophy of music and performing arts at University of Padua and Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

She studied opera singing at the Conservatory of Music B. Marcello di Venezia, Vocal Chamber Music at the Conservatory of Music A. Pedrollo of Vicenza and currently enrolled in the Master's Degree in Chamber Singing at the Conservatory of Music A. Casella di L'Aquila. She has participated in numerous master classes and specialization courses in contemporary music and contemporary vocality.

Investigation and research:
- Cultural between theory and practice of singing in the contemporary age. - The end of the relationship between
teacher and pupil and the new relationship between composer and vocal interpreter. -
Ecology of listening generated by the interaction with technology that affects the
phenotypic evolution (biological and cultural) of man and consequently his expressive
capacity and communication.  Therefore: evolution of man as a musical instrument (thought
and body). - Technical conception and practice of the art of singing between tradition and
innovation, autonomy of the performer (Belcanto and Extended Vocal Techniques). -
Independence (ethics and aesthetics) of vocal interpretation between imagination and
performance - performance and creation. - The role of the vocal interpreter in the actually
society and the relations with artificial intelligence.

She has performed at Asti théâtre, Teatro Olimpico of Vicenza, the Sale Apollinee of the Gran Teatro la Fenice, La Biennale
di Venezia, Fabbrica del Duomo (Milan), It's Liquid (Venice), Why self (Venice), Hybrid
effects (Venice) , Salone del mobile (Milan), Waterfalls, AQUAE Venezia, ArtEXPO (Treviso), Carnevale di Venezia, Festival dell'Oriente (Padua), Estate Musicale Frentana(Lanciano), Casa Goldoni (Venice), Musei Civici di Venezia, Basilica della Salute (Venezia), Gaite Lyrique (Parigi), Casa delle Letterature (Roma), Coro del Teatro Lirico di Parma (Parma), Teatro Due/Fondazione Arturo Toscanini (Parma), Venice Art Night (Venezia), RSI, Auditorium della radio e della televisione svizzera (Lugano)., Choeur de chambre du Luxembourg - Philharmonie du Luxembourg.
- S.I.T.E.S. (stories, interactivity, temporary, education): new web-based tools for the
documentation, communication and production of contemporary artistic languages.
Space" Section - Alberto Giorgio Cassani - The web as a theatre of memory, with a
speech at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, followed by conferences at the Festival
dell'Oriente in Padua (2015). –
- Maria/Marie, interdisciplinary conference (curated by Lisa La Pietra), Flow zone-
university Ca'Foscari, Venice 2017;
- Sulla Resilience, symposium, Salon du Livre de Paris|2017.
- La voce artistica, international conference, Teatro Alighieri, Ravenna 24, 25, 26 and
- Orpheus between biocapitalism and intellectual property. Ethics and aesthetics of
vocal interpretation, (curated by Lisa La Pietra), Department of Philosophy and
Cultural Heritage, Ca' Foscari University, 31 May 2018.
- First Encounters: Arts, écologies, transitions. International Symposium 11, 12, 13
October 2018, Labex Arts-H2H, Musidanse, TEAMeD-AIAC, ESTCA, EDESTA, HAR
(Universités Paris 8, Paris Nanterre), Natural Movement;
- The Writers for the Cultural and Political Unity of Europe, Reflections, Contributions,
Proposals, Author's States General - VII Edition, Rome, Palazzo Ferrajoli, La Voce degli
Scrittori, 12 December 2018;
- Journée d'études "Sequenza III de Luciano Berio, 18 april 2019 - Université Paris 8.

- Words, images and situations, edited by Ivan Pozzoni, Philosophy of Art, with an
essay by Lisa La Pietra, DeComporre, Edizioni, Latina 2014;
- Virtual architecture and culture of ties, in "L'arrivista", 7V/1 (directed by Ivan
- Virtual architecture for art and The indissoluble relationship between music and
architecture, "Rivista di Arti terapie e neuroscienze, Lecce 2015;
- Living the music. Singing the Architecture, Solfanelli Editore, Chieti 2016;
- Orpheus between biocapitalism and intellectual property. Ethics and aesthetics of
vocal interpretation, Editoriale Scientifica, Naples 2019.

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