Moreno Andreatta

Research director at the CNRS, I work on the relations between mathematics and music, in particular on the algebraic, topological and categorical formalisation of musical structures, from a theorical, computational and epistemological perspective. These different tools have found recently their first applications in the domain of popular music studies, where I plan to put together my mathemusical researches and my interest for song writing and improvaisation. This research is carried on at the present thanks to a fellowship from the USIAS (University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study) and within the SMIR (Structural Music Information Research) project, in collaboration with IRMA (Institut de recherche mathématique avancée), the GREAM (Groupe de Recherches Expérimentales sur l'Acte Musical), the Académie supérieure de musique de Strasbourg (HEAR) / Conservatory of Strasbourg and IRCAM.

Founding member of the Journal of Mathematics and Music, the official journal of the Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music (SMCM), I am co-editor (with Guerino Mazzola) of Springer "Computational Music Science Series" as well as (with Jean-Michel Bardez) the "Musique/Sciences" Series, published by IRCAM and Delatour France.



The galaxie of geometrical models applied to music
(spiral array, orbifolds, musical clock, third Torus, Tonnetz, Möbius strip, hyper-sphere of chords)
© Gilles Baroin

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