Pablo Arias Sarah

I am a Colombian PhD candidate based in Paris working in the perception and sound design team at IRCAM. I hold a multimedia engineering diploma from Polytech Nantes and a master in acoustics, signal processing and computer science applied to sound and music from Sorbonne Université/IRCAM. 

I am interested in using audio signal processing techniques to understand how sound can induce emotions in humans. For instance, during my PhD,  I studied the acoustic consequences of smiles in speech, and how these specific spectral cues can trigger unconcious facial imitation. Reporting, among others, how emotional facial expressions can be communicated acoustically, and processed cognitively.

Professionally, I am driven by finely control experimental stimuli and motor theories of speech perception. Personally, I am a sound enthusiast, and, as a matter of fact, I am a musician, a music producer, and owner of the electronic record label Black Macaw.

At Ircam from March 2014 to March 2020


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