Pierre Donat-Bouillud

I am Phd student, starting in September 2016, working on Antescofo and more generally, on systems with languages that express complex temporal relations.

My PhD advisor are Florent Jacquemard and Jean-Louis Giavitto.

In Antescofo, I mainly work on the reactive engine, especially the audio processing part. Antescofo scores are highly dynamic programs, with several temporal rates, physical times in seconds, musical times in beats, which depend on the tempi. Some actions can also be triggered by events resulting on some human behaviours. I try to deal with this dynamicity in several ways:

  • Adaptative scheduling. I currently explore approximate computing
  • Static analysis of the scores, to find some bounds (on the tempo for instance) so that a score is playable or to extract a graphical representation, as a score on a timeline

I also try to compile Antescofo scores, where the challenge is also that scores are very dynamic.

I have also worked on rhythm quantization using rewriting rules on rhythm trees.

At Ircam from May 2013 to January 2016

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