Victor Rosi

Currently a PhD student in the Sound Perception and Design team, my research topic is the characterization of timbre attributes commonly used in professional sound and music environments. More precisely, I study the shared representation of these attributes through two approaches, one focusing on the way these attributes are verbally defined and the other focusing on the perception associated with them. Thus, I aim at revealing the semantic and acoustic profile of four attributes: bright, warm, round and rough. Our results yielded to revealing the common meaning of these attributes and to account for variations in perception from one profile to another (expert, non-expert).

I am also a member of the international ACTOR project with which I interact on the theme of timbre semantics.

My PhD thesis is funded by le fond K pour la musique.

In addition to this work, I am interested in research on identity in the voice and collaborate with the AnaSynth team (Sound Analysis and Synthesis) to evaluate vocal attitudes by re-using experimental methodologies developed in the framework of my thesis.

I am now looking for a post-doctoral opportunity to work on non-gendered voice perception and voice conversion.


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