• Sound Workshop

3DR3 brings together the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces research team with the Creation-Diffusion department’s sound team to work on the development of a generic environment for multichannel mixing, using a unique model of hybrid reverberation recently developed by the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team. This innovative model takes advantage of convolution reverberators that accurately reproduce the “natural” sound of the reverberation measured in a room compared to feedback delay network-based reverberators. This extends the principle of spatialized responses while associating the flexibility of Spat~ and its control via perceptive factors. The spatial disposition in 3fD of the different sound sources exploits the room impulse responses of the rooms recorded in the same space as the concert, assuring the natural integration of the primary sound recording. The emblematic application of this development is the capture, mixing, and 3D diffusion of spatialized works.

IRCAM's Team: Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team.

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