• Finished Projects

The ABC_DJ project seeks to provide advanced technology to European creative agencies in the field of audio branding—the selection and diffusion of recorded music in relationship with the characteristics of products and brands (boutiques, communication, etc.). The primary goal is to enable these agencies to produce high-level contents so they can successfully compete with major actors in the market. The second goal is to open the audio branding value chain to European artists and independent recording labels by offering them new means of monetizing their works, notably through in-store music. The range of music that can be used by client agencies and brands will be considerably extended.

The scientific and technical approach employed in this project brings together research in engineering knowledge, sound signal processing, user studies, and market research to assist the creative process and the automatic broadcasting of music.

In this project, IRCAM is particularly involved in the creation of new algorithms for the analysis of audio musical contents (auto tagging by genre, emotion, instrumentation, estimation of the tonality and tempo) as well as new tools for automatic mixing (measuring the audio quality, segmentation, a complete hierarchic analysis of the structure, intelligent audio summaries, separation of audio sources).

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