• Finished Projects

CoMo Vox is an application for those who wish to learn some of the basic gestures for conducting a choir or an orchestra. Using your phone like a conductor’s baton, your gestures—captured in real-time by the phone’s motion sensors—modify the nuances and tempo of various musical pieces. You can practice at home to learn how to make simple and precise gestures while developing your listening skills.

Como-Vox is available in two complementary versions: a web app and a desktop version.  The web app version is simple and straightforward to use. The desktop version will offer advanced functionalities by allowing teachers to add their own content, for example. These applications are part of the CoMo ecosystem of open-source applications focused on the use of gestures to control sounds and music in various creative and educational contexts as well as for rehabilitation.

In the CoMo Vox project, IRCAM's Sound Music Movement Interaction team has combined its know-how gained through more than 15 years of research on musical gestures with Radio France's expertise in music education, and more specifically on in the program "Vo!x, my interactive choir". This project is supported by the French Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports.

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