• Finished Projects

The objective of this project is the development of tools for computer-assisted composition (CAC) exploring new relations between computation, time, and interactions in the OpenMusic environment and in other technologies developed at IRCAM and CNMAT. This project endeavors to take CAC processes beyond the traditional "offline" domain to include them in a structured interaction in their context be it performance, execution, or composition (in the processes that lead to the creation of musical material).

During this project, we will focus on a number of specific directions, such as:

  • Reactive processes for computer-aided composition: communication and propagation of events and changes in compositional processes
  • Management of temporal flows: Writing, dynamic scheduling, relations between musical execution time and offline computation processes; representation of temporal constructs
  • Control, visualization and execution of sound synthesis and spatialization processes
  • Gestural interactions in compositional processes

Several critical antagonisms in the domain of computer music are addressed in this project (signal versus symbolic approaches, offline versus real-time). By bridging high-level computer-aided composition systems with other disciplines and frameworks such as sound processing, spatialization and gestural integration, it includes control and interactions in abstract and expressive compositional models.

Project reference : ANR-13-JS02-0004-01.

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