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RoadSense is an industrial research project that aims to design, implement, and validate via experiments a system of assistance for drivers. This system consists of a delineation (rumble strips) that creates an alarm—a sound and vibrations— that is set off when the wheels pass a specific limit. This system is designed to alert drivers whose trajectory does not correspond with that of the road in the countryside.

To reach this goal, the RoadSense project aims to:

  • Propose a framework for the functional analysis of the security of roads using current knowledge, the identification of specific problems, and the circumstances surrounding accidents on rural roads.
  • Design a digital simulator for relevant sound signals, implement them using a driving simulator and via physical tests, and test their effectiveness and acceptability of a "vigilance rumble strip" that uses sound delimitation of the roadway.
  • Carry out and test a new, low-cost system of assistance for drivers. This system will be able to be applied quickly and will work with all existing vehicles on roads, from small country roads to highways, via a gradual validation process in situ (on closed tracks and then on roads).

Project reference: ANR-2010-VPTT-010-02.

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