Sample Orchestrator 2

  • Finished Projects

This follow-up to the Sample Orchestrator project aimed to create innovative functions intended for a new generation of software samplers, in accordance with three complementary aspects:

  • Hybrid techniques for real-time sound synthesis, intermediaries between models of signals designed for all types of sounds and samples, and taking advantage of variations made possible by the definition of parameters of the former and the effectiveness of the latter. The goal is to have specific models for each family of instruments.
  • Hybrid techniques for real-time sound spatialization, intermediaries between the parametric models such as IRCAM’s Spat and the convolution of signals via measured concert hall impulsion responses. Here again, the issue is to create models that represent the best compromise in terms of variability and quality on one hand, and the efficiency of calculations on the other.
  • Real-time methods for voicing and orchestration, providing an extension of the musical performance in function of orchestration methods modeled and/or learned in different musical corpora.

The project’s objectives lay beyond the then-current state of research and the project, via the synergy it created among different teams at IRCAM and with external partners, made important advances the domains of research and musical technologies including signal models of instruments, new techniques for spatialization and analysis/synthesis of sound fields, generative synthesis from a musical corpus.

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