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In the context of large-scale digital music distribution, the goal of the project was to develop a new generation of Hi-Fi systems, offering new functionality for browsing, interacting, rendering, personalizing and editing musical material. This next generation of hard-disk based Hi-Fi systems will drastically change the home users’ relationship to music and multimedia content. They will be able to interact with music, blurring the traditional limits between playing, performing and remixing.

These Hi-Fi systems will be as much open instruments as listening stations.

Main Functions Proposed:

  • Personalized classification and content-based management of music pieces; query by humming; automated playlist
  • Generation specified by global and content-based criteria
  • High-quality home sound spatialization with automatic compensation of the acoustic listening context; 3D audio real-time navigation in the sound scene with assisted mixing, browsing within musical pieces,
  • Personalized editing and composition tools, DJ application
  • Instrumental and vocal tools and automatic accompaniment,
  • Sharing of the indexing, composition, and performance work through P2P network

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