• Creative Dynamics

The Vertigo project was written and selected in response to the first call during the European Commission’s H2020 ICT program (Information and Communication Technologies) connected to the STARTS initiative (Science, Technology and the Arts). STARTS encourages synergies between artists and R&D projects in the field of ICT supporting innovation and Vertigo is committed to coordinate a range of actions carried out in this regard throughout Europe focusing on three areas:

  • The organization of artistic residencies assessed by an international and multidisciplinary jury. A budget of 900 K€ is dedicated to supporting 3 annual cycles for a total of 45 artistic residency projects that focus on creating, via the production of unique artistic works, prototypes for innovative products using the technologies developed.
  • The public presentation of different actions carried out during the new, annual event at the Centre Pompidou: Mutations/Créations. This event features exhibitions, symposia, and artistic events and aims to expose and debate evolutions in artistic practices within the contemporary scientific and technological ecosystem. The theme of the inaugural edition in March 2017, presented in connection with the exhibitions “Imprimer le monde (Printing the World)” and “Ross Lovegrove”, is “Simulated Space or Digital Forms”.

The development of a communal online platform enabling different parties (scientists, artists, manufacturers, business incubators, investors) to contact each other and offer support for their actions (communication, organization of specific artistic residency programs, etc.). In addition to the consortium partners, the project oversees an international network of 20 correspondents in the cultural field, including Zentrum für Kunst und Media de Karslruhe, The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Venice Biennale, the festival Ars Electronica in Linz, etc.

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