• Finished Projects

The WAvE project aims to formalize new means of editing, visualization, and interaction with temporal audiovisual objects online.

This project will lead to the design and development of software bricks concerning user interfaces and interactions, digital audio interfaces, client/server interfaces, and their data exchanges. These software bricks will come from the results of the analysis of expert musical practices compared to their ordinary use in web applications and standards, with the goal of offering innovative uses for them.

The project’s objective is to integrate these software bricks in existing software to develop new services and improve existing ones. New means of purchasing and sharing musical and audiovisual documents online, these services will be put in place during the project and made available to users by project partners using the W3C standards (particularly HTML5 and the new Web platform), completing them if necessary, and also proposing interaction via new terminals in order to offer coherent interfaces, accessible and innovative, and new user experiences adapted for consultation, interaction, annotation, transformation, and sharing of temporal objects. In a fluctuating web technology situation, the formalization and instanciation of these multiple interfaces in different technologies supported by WC3 standards and recommendations will contribute to the surfacing of a truly hypermedia and interactive Internet.

In the context of the cultural industry’s crisis, and particularly those connected to music, companies and institutions can make use of these cases and explore new markets via innovative systems for listening and consultation that are interactive and enhanced with temporal streaming from the Internet. This project led to the organization of the first Web Audio Conference (WAC) in collaboration with Mozilla, Google, and the W3C at IRCAM on January 26, 27, and 28, 2015.

Project reference: ANR-12-CORD-027-01.

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