Antescofo is a modular score following system as well as a synchronous programming language for musical composition. The module allows for automatic recognition of the player’s position and tempo in a musical score from a realtime audio stream coming from a performer, thus making it possible to synchronize an instrumental performance with computer generated sounds. Antescofo brings together the description of instrumental and electronic parts of a work in a single score via a synchronous language designed for mixed music, with the goal of increasing the expressivity of the process of writing in real-time in a format adapted for the musical language. After changing the score, Antescofo is able to follow the position and tempo of the musicians in real-time and synchronizes the programmed actions for the computer-music portion of the score (setting off and controlling the electronic parts). Antescofo uses a polyphonic audio stream as input. Antescofo is also used as a programmable sequencer to control the processes of sound synthesis and complex spatialization in real-time.


Interactive musical works, automatic accompaniment, mapping gestures/sound synthesis, spatialization control, music education

Main Features

  • Recognition in real-time of the position and tempo of the polyphonic audio stream in a score
  • Writing the electronic components of a score in relative, absolute, and rational time
  • Management of events and continual chronometric time
  • Interactive sequencing of multimedia scores
  • Conversion of MIDI and MusicxML scores
  • OSC communication, input/output in JSON format


Antescofo is a library of objects for Max (IRCAM/Cycling’74) that can be used with Mac OSX or Windows XP. Antescofo is also available as a PureData object for Max OSX, Windows, and Linux.

More info

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