IrcamLab TS

TS is a standalone software application for sound transformation and time stretching that uses SuperVP and elements of the AudioSculpt 3 interface.


Composition, sound design, post-production, teaching

Main Features

  • Visualization – display of the sonogram, waveform, and spectrum. Interactive zoom from the temporal signal to sample, linear and logarithmic sonogram. FFT, LPC, and True Envelope analysis
  • Compression/Expansion – modification of the length of a sound without changing its pitch or timbre and preserving the quality of the attacks and transitions. Presets for different transposition modes with the possibility of adjusting the max FO and spectral envelope
  • Remix – remix the transient, sinus, or noise components of the sound signal
  • Control – audio playback with standard controls. Results can be recorded in real-time or offline by modifying the parameters. Possibility of piloting and automation via a MIDI controller


Macintosh on MacOSX (10.5 or higher). Compatible with AIFF/AIFC, WAV, and other formats via the libsndfile library

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