The Snail-Absolute Tuning

The Snail-Absolute Tuning is a sound frequency analyzer that uses an inventive representation with chromatic alignment. Compared to standard analyzers, this representation makes it possible to easily visualize active zones with light (like on a spectrogram) and to organize frequencies by note on a tempered scale, in tune with a diapason.


Musical visualization of a sound signal, education, tuning

Main Features

  • Visualization – display of The Snail-Absolute Tuning’s chromatic abacus simplified for a musical image of sound
  • Interface – configurable analysis engine. Settings for different modes of visualization: phase, spectrum, or snail (tuner). Settings for the frequency region visible in MIDI notes. Diapason tuning


Macintosh on MacOSX (10.6 or higher), iOS (iPad). Compatible with all audio files (all formats supported by the native MacOSX library) or signal input via the audio input of the equipment used.

More info

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