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Valerian FRAISSE, PhD, Perceptions et design sonores team, Ircam, et à McGill University,  Nicolas MISDARIIS, researcher, head of the team: Perceptions et design sonores - STMS (Ircam, Sorbonne Université, CNRS, Ministère de la culture) et Nadine SCHÜTZ, invited composer, will present:

Assessing the impact of a sound installation on the urban soundscape: an artistic and scientific collaboration

This seminar is in the salle Stravinky, you can follow it on the Ircam YouTube channel:

During this seminar, we will present the scientific and artistic collaboration currently implemented within the PDS team, in the framework of Valerian Fraisse's thesis, with the sound artist Nadine Schütz, composer in research at IRCAM. This collaboration aims to inform and accompany the composition of a perennial sound installation currently being created by Nadine Schütz. This installation, entitled "Niches Acoustiques", a winning project of the Participatory Budget of the City of Paris, is dedicated to an urban space: the square of the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris.
After a campaign of measurements allowing to characterize the sound environment of the place of the installation, we seek, on the one hand, to inform the composition of this work on the basis of perceptive evaluations in laboratory and on the other hand, to evaluate the impact of the installation on the urban soundscape concerned by the deployment of the work.
During the presentation, we will jointly present the general framework of this mixed art/science research, the context and the artistic proposal related to the Niches Acoustiques project, the implications of this collaboration from a scientific and artistic point of view, as well as the methodology and preliminary results of the first experimental phases of the study, carried out in the laboratory.


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