HEART.FM selected for ERC Proof of Concept Grant

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The COSMOS project has been awarded top up funding to explore therapeutic and societal potential of methods developed and trialed in its research. The Proof-of-Concept project, HEART.FM: Maximizing the Therapeutic Potential of Music through Tailored Therapy with Physiological Feedback in Cardiovascular Disease, is an app creation initiative to deliver tailored music therapy with physiological feedback. HEART.FM will advance the state of the art by linking physiological feedback with computational music structure analysis to provide personalized music listening therapy to achieve targeted autonomic nervous system responses. Development goals include large-scale deployment in research trials and creation of a crowdsourced portal for collecting research data in cardiovascular disease and music-based preventative therapies.

HEART.FM participants:
Elaine Chew, Principal Investigator, ERC ADG COSMOS, CNRS–UMR0012/STMS (IRCAM)
Pier Lambiase, Professor of Cardiology, UCL / Barts Heart Centre
Philippe Petit, Scientific Information Analyst, CNRS Innovation


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