• Sound Workshop

A European Excellence Centre for Media, Society and Democracy

Faced with the rapid evolution of the media as well as multimedia and audiovisual fields,  AI4Media aspires to develop artificial intelligence tools for these domains.  For example, in the combat against disinformation led by European democracies, AI4Media aspires to offer media analyses that detect the most up-to-date information, fake news, and validate information for journalists. The project is also interested in artistic applications and assistance in the creation of video games; the work carried out by IRCAM’s Sound Analysis-Synthesis team is in this domain. Using advanced artificial intelligence techniques, we will develop a new approach to realistic sound synthesis of musical instruments. This method will make it possible to produce high quality musical content from MIDI scores. This can be used for artistic or video game applications in addition to supervised learning of models for automatic analysis of audio recordings: tempo estimation, key detection, chord recognition, automatic transcription, source separation. 

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