Patrick Susini

As Director of Research at IRCAM, an important issue in my work was to design an experimental and theoretical framework making it possible to combine research on perception with sound design applications by addressing several questions: How do we communicate the characteristics of a sound? What are the perceptive dimensions of timbre that underlie the qualities and identity of a sound? How does the signification of a sound depend on a process of interaction between an individual and their environment? These works are still in progress, but we can find some of the answers to these questions in recent works in which I participated: Measurements with Persons (Psychology Press, 2013), Sonic Interaction Design (MIT Press, 2013), and Frontiers of Sound in Design (Springer, 2018). This research is carried out through collaborations with composers as well as in an educational setting, notably with the creation of the diploma in Sound Design at école des Beaux Arts du Mans where I have taught since 2010.

Another focus in my work is the cognitive processes involved in the perception of complex, multi-source soundscapes (non-stationary), notably in terms of interaction between local and global information. This subject is studied in close collaboration with two other CNRS laboratories: the LMA in Marseille and the CRNL in Lyon.

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